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According to a new report, Sheree Whitfield is now revealing that she and Bob are actually in a really great place these days.While they are not dating and she has no plans of moving him into Chateau Sheree, they are getting along and they are co-parenting.

His name is Tyrone, but he goes by “OG.” One of the sources claims to have seen Sheree visit him on two occasion.The source also added that Tyrone calls himself Sheree’s “husband,” but it’s unclear if they’re actually married or even engaged., they did both parent their son after he was pulled over for driving under the influence.Sheree was scared and concerned for her son’s safety, especially since so many African-American men had been shot by white police officers.Sheree Whitfield has been thinking about dating her ex-husband, Bob Whitfield, over the past couple of years, as he recently decided to make an effort with her.

Years ago, the two of them never got along and he kept saying he couldn’t pay her the owed child and spousal support after their divorce because he had stopped playing in the NFL.Whitfield was upset with him and she threw water in his face during a conversation.Sheree didn’t seem eager to forgive him, as she was already upset with him for cheating and ruining their marriage, but it sounds like she’s slowly letting him back in.Gilliams, dressed in a dark suit and dark tie, said little during the proceeding, except to thank God and his family friends and parishioners for their support.Several dozen submitted letters of support to the court prior to the sentencing.We get it…Tyrone is real easy on the eyes and his sexiness if through the roof!